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Client Update – COVID-19 Preventative Policy at Dive Marine Group of Services (DMGS)

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Client Update – COVID-19

Preventative Policy at Dive Marine Group of Services (DMGS)


On 7 February 2020, the Ministry of Health raised the Dorscon Alert Level to Orange in response to the emerging COVID-19 virus in Singapore.  To ensure we play our part in mitigating the risks we face in managing this virus, I have implemented a comprehensive set of measures laid out in our Biological Risk Response Procedures Policy.  This has been fully briefed to all our staff, and I want to take this opportunity to share what we are doing to ensure the continued safety of our teams, our visitors, our suppliers and our clients.

  1. Travel Declaration: all staff are required to complete this travel record as and when they leave or return to Singapore.
  1. Temperature Tracking: twice daily, we are recording staff temperatures to monitor for fever or signs of illness. Should anyone present with a fever or feel he/she will attend the doctor immediately.
  1. Leave of Absence: all staff who have been to mainland China within the last 14 days upon arrival in Singapore on or after 31 Jan 2020 6 pm are taking a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) upon arrival in Singapore. During this time, they remain in their residences as much as possible and avoid social contact as per MOH guidelines.
  1. Transmission Reduction: we are encouraging vigilance in attending to personal hygiene, particularly with regular washing of hands. Hand sanitizers are readily available throughout our office and on all our boats.  We minimise large group meetings and implement small group discussions or by teleconferencing instead.
  1. Isolation: we have had no case of illness in our organisation at this stage, but should this arise, the staff member will be isolated and follow prevailing MOH guidelines.
  1. Visitor Record: we are keeping details of all guests who come to our office. We have also restricted the area within the company where guests will attend meetings etc. to the 1st  floor of our office.
  1. Risk Response Policy: staff have been briefed on our Biological Risk Response Procedures Policy which cover these initiatives and associated documentation.

As a Singaporean company, we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by everyone here and abroad.  We join the country to do our part with recommended preventive measures being implemented in full, and on behalf of all our staff, we look forward to your continued support during this difficult time.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all our dedicated doctors, nurses, medical staff, and non-medical staff who are battling the virus, in one way or another.

Meanwhile, If you have any concerns or questions, I encourage you to contact me directly anytime.

Eugene Tho, Managing Director

Dive Marine Group of Services

+65 98781777

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