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Underwater Hull Cleaning

Underwater hull cleaning is a specialist process for removing marine growth,  biofouling and other matter from ship hulls when they reach port. It is normal for such marine growth to build up as vessels travel through the water, but this accumulation inevitably creates performance problems for the ship by slowing down its passage and adversely impacting manoeuvrability, operability, and durability of vessels.

The additional effort required by the ship to remain on schedule also requires greater quantities of fuel which can have significant financial and environmental impacts. Underwater hull cleaning aligns with efforts by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing vessel fuel efficiency and cutting down on carbon levels in the atmosphere;

Through regular underwater hull cleaning, Dive Marine Services helps vessels maintain much better operational and economic performance, reduce fuel consumption and optimise journey time.

What underwater hull cleaning services does Dive Marine Services provide?

Dive Marine Services is a specialist underwater hull cleaning company, established for this purpose 45 years ago. Over this time, we have built a robust business to support many of the 100,000 ships that pass through Singapore’s 105km-long waterway each year.

We have the widest range of sustainable underwater hull cleaning services and technologies available on the market, with a tailored approach to each customer and their specific vessel needs.

Dive Marine Services uses a variety of complementary strategies in providing its services, including manual, ROV and technology solutions which comply with international best practice. These include the Typhoon MC311, the BrushKart and the Liquiburst with new innovative underwater hull cleaning solutions and practices being added to our ship maintenance services all the time.

What innovative underwater hull cleaning services does Dive Marine Services offer?

As one of the most established and well respected underwater hull cleaning companies in the region, we have a long history of offering the most innovative services in our markets. We will shortly add further to those innovative underwater hull cleaning capabilities with the introduction of a unique 4th generation technology which Dive Marine Services has jointly developed with Tech Hull Clean, the marine technology company.

This new service provides notably more efficient underwater hull cleaning with added marine debris collection and marine filtration systems which is increasingly important as shipping, oil & gas and petrochemical companies work to reduce their negative environmental impact and improve their sustainability practices.

Who conducts underwater hull cleaning?

We employ our own in-house team of full-time qualified commercial divers who are rich in marine diving experience and adept at providing underwater hull cleaning, shipping maintenance and repair services critical to your business.

Our dive teams follow the highest international standards in commercial diving practice. They are all fully licensed and permitted to work in Singapore.

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What sectors does Dive Marine Services work in?

Our commercial diving team works across multiple industry sectors, including oil and gas, renewables, petrochemicals and shipping.


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