DM Group Services is an industry leader in providing underwater and at-height inspection services to multiple industries. Given that many of our customers often need a combination of services, all three companies regularly work together; Dive Marine Services teams working below the hull, DM NDT inspectors and IRATA certified NDT rope access technicians at-height, with DM Sea Logistics providing transportation and boat access for everyone involved on the project.  This is a significant value-add to our customers who effectively have one multi-purpose team working efficiently and safely together.   

Inspection services carry a major responsibility which we take very seriously; the safety of our customers is of utmost importance and we are proud of our reputation in this regard and the trust we’ve earned in providing these expert services.

The full list of services we provide
  • UWILD class inspection
  • Underwater inspections
    • Still photography
    • CCTV/video recording
  • Vessel inspection
  • Vessel inspection with New Zealand standard
  • Pipeline inspection/installations
  • Seabed inspection
    • Hydrographic surveys
  • Tank inspection
  • ROV inspection
  • Class Hull integrity inspection
  • Baseline inspection
Dive Marine Services – Underwater Ship Inspection, ROV and Survey Services

Our  inspection divers are adept in identifying and visually assessing for structural deterioration and damage,  and the overall condition of ships and other subsea structures such as terminals, jetties, piers, berths, modus and platforms.  Our methods include:

General underwater Visual Inspection: still colour photography remains a commonly used and relatively inexpensive method which produces a permanent, detailed record of an asset’s condition. This is carried out by a team of divers.  

Close Visual Inspection: this is a more detailed inspection of a component or specific section of a structure to ascertain if there are defects such as physical or corrosive damage, or weld cracking  This is conducted by a dive team and requires thorough SA standards cleaning.  

Underwater Closed Circuit Television and Videography: the use of CCTV and video have become an essential tool  in most underwater inspection operations and in-water surveys for dry dock extension. This approach gives us better overall information  and has the advantage of providing real time viewing during or after the inspection. “Live” communication and visuals between the client representatives and our divers can be maintained throughout the inspection.  This important two-way communication means the client and divers can work in sync to identify and collectively address any issues, and have a permanent record of the entire process. 

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV): ROVs are manned by ROV pilots which are highly maneuverable underwater robots that allow us to understand what is happening under your vessel with minimal diver intervention. ROV inspection allows ship owners to proactively manage maintenance, fuel efficiency and security to determine optimal cleaning and paint schedules.  

Without needing to deploy dive teams, ROV inspection leads to a safer process with unnecessary down-time or lifting the boat out of water.  It also becomes easy to access and inspect areas that might be too small for divers. 

Specialised Ship Inspection and Surveys: these includes hydraulic surveys, magnetometer surveys, side scan surveys and multibeam ultrasonic surveys.

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