Innovez One’s AI-powered technology will optimise DM Sea Logistics’ passenger and equipment transport operations, enabling the company to collaborate with MPA to pilot the Joints Industry Projects (JIP) to automate and digitalise sea transport services.

Singapore, 20 April 2022 – Innovez One, a world-leading developer of port information management systems, will supply its MarineM digital platform to DM Sea Logistics, a Singapore-based provider of shipping logistics, boat launch and chartering services. This new collaboration will enable DM Sea Logistics to digitalise and optimise the operations of its 12-vessel fleet, maximising the efficiency of its crew and passenger transportation, cargo deliveries and supply services.

By replacing manual processes such as vessel allocation, job tracking and job planning with digital solutions, it enhances DM Sea Logistics’s management and operational capabilities with faster turnaround time and increase resource availability. Innovez One’s MarineM solution uses GPS and AIS data to track the position of each vessel and the status of jobs in real time, and applies artificial intelligence to automate scheduling – allocating resources as efficiently as possible and ensuring that any last-minute requests or changes are handled seamlessly.

Furthermore, deploying MarineM will enable DM Sea Logistics and the shipping agents it serves to participate on a trial basis in the West Coast Contactless Pier Services project, initiated by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. In the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the pilot project aims to minimise contacts and provide a safer passage for sea crews entering and leaving the pier. Using Innovez One’s mobile Shipping Agent App, shipping agents will be able to create electronic orders for launch boat services – and the movement of sea crews between shore and sea will be coordinated digitally.

MarineM will also streamline and automate the billing process, replacing paper with electronic invoices and receipts to save time and facilitate accounting processes. Moreover, the system will issue e-tickets for passengers, who will be able to access boarding information from their smartphones, check in more easily, and be informed of any last-minute changes.

David Yeo, Group CEO and Founder of Innovez One, said: “We are delighted to be supporting DM Sea Logistics in their transition to smart and fully digitised solutions that will unlock new operational efficiencies; saving time and reducing fuel consumption and emissions. As shipping is under unprecedented pressure to decarbonise and green shipping corridors are high on the agenda, it is clear that digitalisation is essential to achieve greater sustainability in the crucial “first and last mile” of the voyage at sea. This partnership once again demonstrates that through turnkey digital solutions, port service companies of any size can become fully-fledged members of the global network of smart, sustainable ports of the future.”

Eugene Tho, Director at DM Sea Logistics, said: “For over 40 years, we have been dedicated to pioneering the markets and delivering integrated and value for money solutions for our clients. Investing in automation and digitalisation is an important strategic step for us. We are proud to collaborate with Innovez One in innovative digital transformation as part of our effort to contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. This technology will add value for our customers, reducing coordination and time between our operations and our clients at the pier, reducing waiting time with auto-scheduling, reducing carbon footprint while increasing our uptime and flexibility.”

About DM Sea Logistics

DM Sea Logistics, along with Dive Marine Services and DM NDT – is part of DM Group Services, established in 1974 and headquartered in Singapore. DM Sea Logistics scope of service includes in-port and out-port sea transportation solutions, ship cargo deliveries, ship cargo supply services, ship crew and passenger transportation.

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About Innovez One

Founded in 2004, Innovez One has been delivering expert port software solutions for the world’s busiest ports, and towage operators. The company uses digital technology and AI models to optimise and solve complex last-mile port- and pilotage challenges, delivering efficiencies that save significant costs, time and improve the sustainability of port operations – such as pilotage, pilotage transport (logistics) and towage. Innovez One has engineered and developed its proprietary software, the marineM platform that helps users optimise critical maritime resource allocations for their operations.

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Bernard Lee

Manager, DM Sea Logistics

Bernard Lee is the newest member of the team who assumed the role of Manager of DM Sea Logistics in August 2019.

Bernard is reputable and well-known amongst the Harbour Craft and Shipping Community. With years of experience in Ship and Fleet Management, Logistics and Operations Control, he has indoctrinated an excellent understanding of shipping business dynamics, domain knowledge and leadership qualities. He is a member of the MPA-Harbour Craft Community Safety Working Group and is heavily involved with Maritime Safety and Security agencies in Singapore.


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