High precision engineering using cofferdams in underwater ship repair

By Feature, Underwater Ship Repair
W e at Dive Marine Services understand that operating in- or near-water can be a complex and challenging task. Cofferdams in underwater ship repair not only require adequate planning, highly qualified and experienced diving personnel but also the correct assessment of environmental, safety and water management concerns as well as unpredictable weather conditions. Read More

3 reasons for underwater hull inspection Singapore DM Group Services

3 reasons to make Underwater Hull Inspection part of your ship maintenance plan

By Feature, Underwater Hull Inspection

Underwater Hull Inspection has been around for centuries. In bygone days, the strongest swimmers on galley ships were sent below hull with primitive tools to remove barnacles and seaweed, or to patch up holes. As ships got bigger and more sophisticated, the necessity for regular hull inspection by the first generation of commercial divers became more imperative as a means to avoid ocean catastrophe from hidden damage.

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