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The Port of Singapore is a free port, and the trade thereof is open to ships and vessels of every nation, equally and alike to all.”  Sir Stamford Raffles, 1819

Spoken 200 years ago, Sir Stamford Raffles could not have predicted that Singapore would evolve to become the world’s top maritime capital and one of the world’s busiest and most strategically important shipping hubs in the world.  Singapore’s continued dominance is due in part to continued innovation and its strong marine services environment, which includes world-class marine maintenance, inspection and repair.

A group with a rich history

Established 45 years ago in 1974, DM Group Services has become one of the most trusted and well respected marine services organisations in Singapore and across South East Asia. 

With longstanding client relationships spanning multiple sectors and geographies, we have built our expertise on a simple formula of high quality work, an expert in-house team and a commitment to the highest levels of safety and customer service possible.

Safety first in all we do

At the heart of DM Group Services, our people and our loyal customers remain the cornerstone of what we do. Whether a service is simple or complex, underwater or at-height, our priority at all times is the safety of our teams and those we work for.  

“Safety First” is ingrained in how we conduct our business and is core to our company culture.   

Given the nature of the complex sectors in which we work, our loyal customers hold this value highly, knowing they can trust we will resource a project with the most qualified, skilled and safety-minded professionals in the industry.  

As safety is our priority, we have developed a line of business in the provision of world-class industrial safety training, including IRATA certified rope access courses.  It’s also why we push ourselves to innovate in the pursuit of developing advanced Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and 4th generation underwater hull cleaning technology which allows our commercial divers to conduct their tasks with the highest possible levels of safety. 

Underwater Inspection, Repair, Maintenance Services
“…the best diving company in Singapore”

Dive Marine Services offers underwater inspection, repair, and maintenance services – inshore and offshore to shipyards, oil & gas companies, and ship operators.

Since our inception in 1974, we have pioneered the adoption of advanced technologies (including ROVs) in the execution of marine civil engineering works, underwater inspections, and maintenance of vessel hulls, propellers, and UWILD class inspection.

Our team of qualified commercial divers are adept at specialised underwater repair tasks including permanent welding repairs, stabilization of leakages, propeller repairs, wharves and jetty repairs, jacketing, and replacement of thruster units.

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At Height Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Training Services and Access Methods
 IRATA rope access full member trainer and operator company


DM NDT offers inspection, repair and maintenance services as well as access solutions to enable operational work at height.

Our inspection services comprises conventional and advanced NDT (non destructive testing) methods such as VT, PT, MT, EMA, computed radiography inspection – to name a few. The advanced NDT methods we offer can be tailored to meet any specific requirements you may have.

Our team of highly skilled and certified technicians can also handle complex repair and maintenance jobs for storage tanks, fire monitors, loading arms, flare tips, derricks, topside modules, tanks and platforms.

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Inport and outport logistics support
 A fleet of 12 aluminum boats


DM Sea Logistics provides inport and outport sea transportation solutions. Our range of services includes boat launches, cargo deliveries, disposal, and crew change management within or outside the Singapore port.

We have a fleet of 12 aluminum boats that are able to meet the requirements of most customers in terms of capacity, speed and safety. For long term contracts, we can customize our boats to meet specific client needs.

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9 Strengths That Set Us Apart in Marine Services

Ship owners and managers alongside oil and gas terminal operators have many options when it comes to selecting a marine services company to support their inspection, maintenance and repair requirements in Singapore and around the region.
So, what makes us different?

We have a long-standing policy of being open and transparent in everything we do. We believe in no surprises are the best surprises. Our proposals, quotations and contracts are forthright and clear, which means clients can trust that no hidden costs will emerge as work progresses.

On-Time Completion
When we commit to a project, we provide a clear and achievable timeframe for completion. We stick to that schedule so our clients can safely plan ahead, knowing that delays (unless unforeseen by either party) will not occur.

We take no risks or shortcuts, either with our teams, our client’s personnel or their ships and structures. We believe in following well established protocols and processes which is one of the reasons we have an outstanding safety record.

We have the deepest respect for the complex environments in which we work, where the importance of safety demands we use the best quality products and technologies available on the market. Coupled with our ‘tools’, we employ the most skilled and experienced professionals in the region – below the hull, at-height and on the water.

Our rates are competitive, and reflect our high quality and level of service we bring to every project; from our processes and people to our efficiency and an unrelenting eye on detail. Our customers tells us that the ultimate gauge of ‘value’ when working with us is knowing they don’t need to worry, and when the job is done by us, it’s done right. This value proposition is evidenced by the loyalty of our clients, 70% of whom have been working with us for over 10 years.

In-House Advantage
Unlike many marine services companies, we do not rely on freelance divers,  or subcontractors; we’re proud to employ 20+ in-house divers, 30+ IRATA certified NDT rope access technicians and 30+ boat crew who have been with us for many years. This means our teams have a consistency to training, safety and service delivery which allows them to work very efficiently.

Strength in Numbers
Because we have a large number of divers employed, we can easily deploy 2-3 teams at any given time. As such, we can complete jobs for our clients faster which keeps costs and vessel off-hire to a minimum. Being strong in numbers also allows us to be highly responsive when clients have a need for services urgently.

Boat & Asset Ownership
Our clients value the fact that we have our own fleet of 5 comfortable, air-conditioned diving boats and 12 aluminium marine launch, cargo supply and safety boats which gives us the agility to quickly deploy teams anywhere in our territorial waters.

Sustainable R&D & In-House Innovation
Our scale and long 45 years of experience gives us operational stability and financial strength which allows us to innovate. We continuously re-invest in better ways to service our clients, including the development of new sustainable technologies. For example, we have recently co-developed a highly advanced sustainable underwater hull cleaning technology with Tech Hull Clean (THC), the respected marine tech company which is proven capable of collecting almost 100% of marine waste from hull cleaning.

We would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements. Get in touch with us here or call us on +65 6515 0090