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Our pool of IRATA-certified NDT rope access technicians have allowed us to become one of the most reputable providers of above-hull and at-height inspection, repair and maintenance services in the region. Our team stays diligent and up-to-date with current practices, and routinely undergo trainings and license upgrading. We ensure safety is prioritised at all times, and our technical understanding is updated.

At DM NDT, all instructors hold the requisite accreditations to provide IRATA Training Course, with the added benefit of bringing their years of hands-on experience to each student. Our fully equipped training centre is located at the DM Group Services headquarters in Jurong.


Rope Access Inspection and Maintenance

We offer a broad spectrum of NDT technologies, allowing companies to choose the appropriate repair and maintenance service required for their structures and equipment. We assure that inspection analysis and reports will be accurate and tailored to your requirements.

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Rope Access NDT Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a rigorous series of processes involving analytical tools, techniques and standards used to inspect, measure and assess the safety of industrial assets across a wide range of sectors.

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IRATA Training Course

Since 2012, our instructors hold all the requisite accreditations for IRATA Training Courses, with the added benefit of bringing their years of hands-on experience to each student. Our fully equipped training centre is located at DM Group Services headquarters in Jurong.

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  • Bizsafe Star
  • LR
  • ABS
  • ISO 9001:2015
The full list of services we provide
  • Vessel Repair
    • Welding & fabrication (certified 6G/R welders & fabricators)
    • Insulation repairs, cladding & fabric)
    • Electrical installation & inspection testing – insulation, HIPOD, EX Compex
    • Heavy lifting & rigging
    • Remedial painting – mechanical surface preparation
  • Storage tank sprinkler head cleaning/replacement
  • Fire monitor repair
  • Loading arm repairs
  • Valve blinding/de blinding
  • Structural upgrades, modifications & repairs (derricks, topside modules, tanks & platforms)
  • Welding & fabrication (spool bracket installation, steel removal & replacement, pipe installation & removal – certified 6G coded welders & pipe fitters)
  • Remedial mechanical surface preparation & painting (mechanical surface preparation with multi – coating application}
  • Heavy lifting & rigging works (certified & approved riggers)
  • Hydro-tight tensioning & bolt torqueing (certified & approved technicians)
  • Electrical engineering (cable pulling & termination – installation & modifications of cable trays)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Flare tip (removal – repair – replacement A-frame or helicopter operations)

List of Services (by sector)

1. We provide all forms of conventional and advanced NDT services utilising Rope Access methods. This includes pipeline integrity inspections such as CUPS (Corrosion under Pipe Support) and CUI (Corrosion under insulation) as well as general visual inspection.

  • Loading arm preventive maintenance
  • Greasing of the loading arm wire lines, cleaning and general maintenance
  • Storage tank sprinkler and foam line maintenance
  • Unplugging and maintenance of lines and nozzles
  • Testing and identification of leak locations
  • Spool replacement
  • Leak repair

2. We provide general maintenance for oil tank storage fire protection system foam and water lines. As sea-water is often used in these lines, internal corrosion is widespread causing blockages and reduction in wall thickness of the fire line spools. This makes the sprinkler system ineffective due to leakages and clogged nozzles. 

3. We provide various services for gas flares. This includes flare stack shutdown works, general maintenance and inspection along flare height and tip, retensioning, greasing wires, full stack survey and verticality alignment. 

  • Flare stack and Chimney Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  • Flare Tip Visual Inspection
  • Guy Wire Inspection, Greasing, Re-tensioning
  • Flare stack Alignment Survey
  • Chimney Internal inspection and maintenance
  • Vessel hull inspection and class surveys
  • Cargo and ballast inspections services via rope access and UAV
  • Rig inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Rig and Derrick structural inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Lightning protection system installation
  • High pressure waterjet hull cleaning
  • General maintenance and inspection services via rope access
  • Load test and lifting gear inspections
  • Static or dynamic testing of cranes and accommodation ladder
  • Vessel name change and logo painting services
  • Plimsoll and draft mark renewal and painting services
  • Building inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Window and façade cleaning and maintenance
  • Signage installation
  • Painting and coating services
  • Sealant replacement and repairs
  • Approved anchor point installation and pull-out testing
  • Lifeline installation and inspection

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