IRATA Rope Access Course

What is IRATA?

IRATA¬†stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association which is the leading international organisation providing the highest standardised rope access training for individuals who work at height. ‚ÄčIRATA was established in response to a specific need in the inspection and maintenance of offshore oil platforms, evolving over the last 30 years to become the gold standard rope access training and accreditation provider for work-at-height and confined access sectors.

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Why use Rope Access?

The advantage of using rope access methods for at-height inspection and maintenance lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations in order to carry out their work. Projects can be completed with minimal impact on other operations, surrounding areas and the environment. Another notable benefit is the reduction of man-hours and level of risk for tasks to be safely completed compared with other access methods. This combination of efficiency, greater safety and low levels of surrounding impact make at-height rope access the preferred system for leading companies in oil and gas, petrochemical etc.

What is Rope Access training?

Over the last 30 years, IRATA has developed global standardised rope access training programmes for individuals who work at height or in confined access areas.

Rope access training is conducted over 3 progressive levels, each involving both practical and classroom modules prior to final assessment. Each of the 3 training levels usually takes 1 working week to complete; around 30 hours over 4 days for training and 1 final day for assessment. On completion of all training modules, a successful participant becomes a certified IRATA rope access technician which gives him/her the ability to work anywhere.

Does DM NDT offer IRATA Rope Access training?

Yes. DM NDT is an IRATA-certified training company. We provide a year-round schedule of rope access training courses and assessment for all 3 levels required to become an IRATA certified rope access technician. We have been a full and active member of IRATA since 2012, and all rope access courses are carried out at our fully equipped training centre in Singapore. Our trainers are amongst the finest in the business. Using a highly motivating and encouraging teaching style, they bring their own expertise and experience to each programme which results in high success and return rates for our participants.

Can trainees work as rope access technicians whilst undertaking IRATA training?

Most students who begin training with us want to become professional IRATA rope access technicians. Upon completing IRATA Level 1 training, technicians can begin to work in the field and make progress with each level of training completed.

IRATA Level 1 - Rope Access Trainee Technician

A Level 1 rope access technician can perform some rope access tasks including inspection of all personal rope access equipment, assisting in rigging and non-standard operations, and undertaking a rescue involving descent under the supervision of an IRATA level 3 rope access supervisor.

IRATA Level 2 - Rope Access Operative Technician

A Level 2 rope access technician can perform rig works using rope access, undertake rescues and perform other tasks under the supervision of IRATA level 3 rope access supervisor. They are also exposed to some legislation, safety requirements and quality assurance procedures relating to rope access.

IRATA Level 3 - Rope Access Supervisor

A Level 3 rope access technician can supervise onsite rope access projects. By this stage, they're exposed to all working techniques, advanced rescue techniques, IRATA certification scheme, and general requirements and guidelines. They will also have completed emergency first aid training.

When do you run IRATA courses and what is the cost?

All our programmes run on a rolling basis. Please get in touch for full details and course costs.

Does DM NDT offer other training course or programmes?

Yes, we provide a suite of additional industrial training programmes which you can view here.

Meet our IRATA Rope Access instructors

Our training team always go the extra mile to make the learning process as interesting and enriching as possible for all our students.

Mark Tan

IRATA Rope Access Trainer, DM NDT

Mark joined the rope access industry in 2008 and has over a decade of experience as a level 3 supervisor. He has worked in various industries, both on and offshore, ranging from oil and gas, civil engineering, geotechnical and building maintenance. He has been an IRATA instructor since 2019 and has a great passion for teaching.

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