Maritime services headquartered in Singapore

Professional. Reliable. Efficient.

These are just some of the most important qualities you can expect when working with all three companies in the DM Group Services family. Working together, our team provides a flexible suite of regional support services to industries including shipyards and shipping, oil and gas, petrochemical, renewables, construction and public sectors.

Singapore is the world’s leading maritime capital, globally renowned as a strategic hub for its sophisticated port facilities and world-class maritime services.

With 130,000 vessels stopping in Singapore each year, we have emerged as a leading provider of ship maintenance, repair and inspection services.

Through our 45 year history, we have become experts in understanding and responding to the complex needs of our customers, evolving in line with their needs; from underwater inspection, repair, maintenance, to Rope Access Inspection and Maintenace to boat launching and logistics services,

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