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We are a well established provider of shipping logistics, boat launch and chartering services to shipyards and shipping, oil and gas, petrochemical, renewables, construction and public sectors. Our services include, 

  • in-port and out-port sea transportation solutions 
  • ship cargo deliveries 
  • ship cargo supply services 
  • ship crew and passenger transportation
Our logistics services
People Transportation Services

Our fleet of aluminium marine and safety boats are fully air-conditioned and maintained to the highest standards so we can ensure every journey is both comfortable and safe for passengers. We are also pleased to offer customised, long term transportation solutions that meet your specific passenger needs, whether to meet offshore or marine requirements.

Our services include the transportation of launch boats, surveyor access, onsigners & offsigners, parcels, agents, in addition to customised projects.

Cargo Supply and Deliveries

Our fleet of boats can operate fully within port limits at multiple anchorages in Singapore and   are also capable of handling the rough South China Sea without compromising safety. We have a wide range of aluminium cargo supply boat sizes available, whether your cargo is pallet sized or Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit (TFE).

Cargo supply services include in-port IPL & out-port OPL, and marine project transport services. All boats are regularly certified by the International Association of Classification Societies.

Our fleet

We have a fleet of 12 aluminum boats equipped for maximum safety which offer customers excellent flexibility in terms of capacity and speed. We are also well known for providing customised boats for companies with long term requirements.

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