5 MARCH 2020                


Singapore. Dive Marine Services Pte. Ltd. (DM Group Services) today announced the first step in expanding its marine services business with the acquisition of a new company in Gibraltar.  This marks the beginning of an international growth plan which includes further expansion in Europe and Asia.

The company is named THC Diving Ltd. (THC Diving) and is spearheaded by local entrepreneur, Mr. Cale Serra. DM Group Services is the majority shareholder in the company which began diving operations at the port of Gibraltar in 2019.

THC Diving is a full-service, sustainable commercial diving operator, which specialises in underwater marine inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM), and underwater hull cleaning.  It has been formed in response to growing market opportunities and to the IMO guidance on marine protection; this recommends the use of ‘best available technology’ to reduce the dangers of marine pollution.  By using TechHullClean’s proprietary sustainable IRM technology, the company aims to align with the IMO’s recommendations and become a environmental leader in underwater marine services and underwater hull cleaning to the shipping industry.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Eugene Tho, Managing Director, DM Group Services said, “As long-established SE Asia experts in underwater marine inspection, repair and maintenance services, we are responding to what our clients are seeking; most have large international fleets and it’s been challenging to find consistently high standards of underwater hull cleaning and IRM services beyond Singapore. Gibraltar is one of the world’s most important strategic shipping gateways, connecting the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, with 60,000 vessels stopping at the port each year.  With today’s announcement, we will deliver the quality IRM services we are known for to both existing and new clients”.

 With regard to further growth plans, Mr. Tho added, “Our goal is to continue growing the DM Group Service’s network of underwater marine services companies.  We will achieve this through acquisition, partnerships or on a greenfield basis, focusing on our unique technology. To this end, we have identified further key locations in Europe and Asia where we intend to launch”.

Commenting on the announcement in Gibraltar, Cale Serra, Managing Director of THC Diving said, “We have an exceptional opportunity to develop this business which combines the proprietary sustainable TechHullClean IRM technology with the deep experience, reputation and client base that DM Group Services brings. Sustainable IRM services have become increasingly important in Gibraltar and across the global shipping industry.  Today’s announcement sets us on course to lead in responding to the shipping sector’s evolving needs as environmental considerations and regulations become more of a priority”.

For further information, please contact

Singapore: Mr. Eugene Tho, Managing Director DM Group Services

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Gibraltar:   Mr. Cale Serra, Managing Director  THC Diving

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