We provide inspection services

underwater and at height.

Dive Marine Services handles all the underwater inspections whereas DM NDT takes care of inspection services at height.

This distinction provides you with the most experienced and qualified team that is suited to the job on hand. Oftentimes, teams from the two companies – Dive Marine Services and DM NDT – work hand in hand; giving you the convenience of working with a single point of contact.

The full list of services we provide
  • UWILD class inspection
  • Underwater inspections
    • Still photography
    • CCTV/video recording
  • Vessel inspection
  • Pipeline inspection/installations
  • Seabed inspection
    • Hydrographic surveys
  • Tank inspection
  • ROV inspection
  • Class Hull integrity inspection
  • Baseline inspection
  • Conventional NDT
  • Advanced NDT
    • Auto ultrasonic testing
    • Magnetic flux leakage
    • Automated ultrasonic inspection video scope
    • Electromagnetic array systems
    • Computed radiography inspection
    • Advanced ultrasonic inspection
    • Long range guide wave UT inspection
    • Time of flight diffraction
    • Phased array ultrasonic
    • Corrosion mapping
    • Floor mapping
    • ABI scan
    • Borescope inspection
    • Tube inspection services
    • Remote field eddy current
    • Internal rotary inspection systems
Underwater inspection specialists

Our visual inspection divers identify and assess structural integrity, physical damage or defect, and overall conditions using these methods:

  • Underwater still colour photography: A commonly used and relatively inexpensive method, we produce a permanent, detailed record of the asset’s condition. The procedures followed include¬† general visual inspection and close visual inspection.
    • General visual inspection. This entails a general inspection to ascertain the overall condition of the component or structures. Normally, it does not include S.A. standards cleaning.
    • Close visual inspection. Under this procedure, we conduct a detailed inspection on a component/sections of a structure or a defective condition such as physical damage, weld cracking or corrosive damage. These necessitate thorough SA standards cleaning.
  • Underwater closed circuit television: CCTV has become an essential aid in most inspection operations and for in-water surveys for dry dock extension. This method gives us better images overall and has the advantage of providing real time viewing during or after the actual inspection. Real time communication and visuals between the ship representatives and our divers can be maintained throughout the inspection.
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Advanced Non Destructive Testing Inspection specialists

Advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) refers to analytical techniques used to accurately evaluate the properties and characteristics of materials or components of critical assets without causing damage to the asset or system they belong to.

We provide a full range of advanced NDT methods that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, irrespective of the industry sector. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians meet international certification standards – ensuring that your safety compliance requirements will always be met.

As a standard, all jobs that we undertake that require advanced NDT techinques are managed by an NDT L3 Technical Manager.



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